Peak Engineering Ltd., based in Maple Ridge, has engaged in full-time consulting engineering since May of 1997.

Mr. Brian Lytton, P. Eng., of Peak Engineering Ltd., has over 30 years professional engineering experience. For previous experience at other companies, he worked as a Project Engineer/Project Manager on a variety of engineering projects, primarily in transportation engineering (bridges) and general structural engineering (buildings).

Principal Fields of Activity

Structural engineering services related to buildings, bridges, transit, marine structures and special structures.

Description of Services

Complete structural design and field review for structural engineering projects
Seismic restraint and retrofitting of structural and mechanical components of existing and new structures
Evaluation and certification of existing structures
Drawing production, specifications, field inspection and contract administration are some of the other office services
Registered in the provinces of B.C., Alberta and the State of Washington.



Structural Engineer: Brian Lytton, M. Eng., P. Eng., P.E.

Mr. Lytton acts as Structural Design Engineer for all structural projects. He is also, responsible for preparation of structural specifications, inspections and contract administration.

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Technician: Jane Gardner, CTech

Ms. Gardner has responsibility for preparation of all structural drawings and details. She also assists in the structural design checking and site inspections.

Peak Engineering has no Autocad need as designers provide drawings that the Engineer marks with his design review.

Peak Engineering Ltd. is currently insured for $1.0 Million Professional Liability Insurance (insured by Encon). and $2 Million Commercial General Liability.