1997-present Peak Engineering Ltd., Maple Ridge, B.C.
2005, 2008, 2012 AMEC , Vancouver, B.C. subconsultant
1994-1997 Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd., Richmond, B.C.
1990-1994 PBK Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
1989-1990 Ministry of Transportation, Burnaby, B.C.
1986-1989 Kaiser Engineers Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
1984-1986 Geiger Associates Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
1981-1984 PBK Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

Mr. Lytton is a principal and senior structural engineer for Peak Engineering Ltd. with over 30 years of project management engineering experience gained primarily on bridges and transportation facilities. Work experience has been in Canada, United States and Vietnam. Transportation projects include transit, bridge design and project management, rehabilitation and seismic retrofit.


Graduate of University of British Columbia B. A.Sc. in Civil Engineering (1979)
M. Eng. in Structural Engineering in (1981)


Registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia


Conceptual and detailed transit and bridge design, rehabilitation and seismic retrofit, design review, building design and project management.


CEBC ’97 Vietnam Bridge Design; Hanoi, Vietnam
CEBC ’96 Oak St. Bridge Rehabilitation; Vancouver, B.C.


1.”Rehabilitation of Deas Slough Bridge”, paper presented at Western Bridge Engineers’ Seminar, Portland, Oregon (October 1993)


Timber Truss new residential bridge, Maple Ridge, 2013
Design of new timber truss, 70 ft. long pedestrian covered bridge with 3×12 bridge decking in design build with contractor.

Retrofit of existing residential access bridge, North Vancouver 2009
Retrofit and design of new steel superstructure of 15’w x 72′ long skewed bridge. Removal of existing log bridge superstructure and replace with new steel girders, columns and pier caps and 4×12 planking roadway over environmentally sensitive creek.

New steel bridge residential access bridge, Maple Ridge BC 2009
Design of 12’w x 42′ long single span I girder bridge with 4×12 plank roadway (no piers in creek) over salmon-bearing creek; requirement for firetruck loading and access; design and construction inspection.

Engineering review of existing railcar residential access bridge, Surrey BC 2009
Analysis of existing residential 10’w x 50′ long railcar bridge over “Class A” salmon creek for firetruck and excavator loading prior to subdivision development.

Pitt Meadows Airport Bridge over GVRD forcemain 2008
New access road with 34′ wide x 10′ long precast concrete slab band bridge needed over GVRD Forcemain. Design of bridge; co-ordination with Airport and GVRD; inspection during construction.

Pump Station, City of Lake Havasu, Arizona, 2006
Project manager for the design of 10 meter high, reinforced concrete, effluent pump station.

Con-Force Structures Launching Truss, 2006
Detailed design review for 150m long, steel girder launching truss (for bridge girder erection).

Hasler Road Pine River Bridge Replacement 2005 , Hasler Plain west of Chetwynd, BC, MoT BC Project Engineer and bridge reviewer for the design of new 75 metre reinforced concrete girder bridge near Prince George.

Township of Langley Bridge Inspection (June 2001)
Preliminary bridge detail inspection for proposed new replacement 2-lane structure on busy 16th Ave; careful consideration made for minimal traffic disruption during construction.

Michel Oldtown Bridge, Sparwood, B.C. (2000)
Senior Bridge Review Engineer for new 3-span Michel Oldtown Bridge near Sparwood, B.C. for Ministry of Transportation and Highways.

Grandview Cut Bridge Replacements, Vancouver B.C. (1999)
Project manager and chief bridge engineer for the replacement designs for two existing bridges in Vancouver at Nanaimo St. and Lakewood Drive, for the Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd. The proposed extension of the existing Light Rapid Transit line through the Grandview Cut in Vancouver necessitated that new two span 50m long bridge structures were required over the Grandview Cut at Nanaimo and Lakewood Drive. Both structures consist of continuous prestressed concrete I girders supported on reinforced concrete piers and abutments.

Piercy Creek Bridge, Courtenay, B.C. (1998)
Bridge design engineer for new 20m span special depth composite deck prestressed concrete box girder structure spanning over environmentally sensitive Piercy Creek. This structure near Courtenay B.C. on Vancouver Island links up the South Courtenay Connector to the new Vancouver Island Highway.

Hanoi City Infrastructure – Vietnam (1997)
Bridge design engineer responsible for rehabilitation of over 75 bridges (small to medium spans) in Hanoi City as part of international Drainage Project for Environment Improvement in Hanoi (first stage.) Working on contract with Associated Engineering Ltd., (Burnaby, B.C.) as subconsultant to major Japanese transportation consultant (Nippon-Koei.) Scope of work included preparation of Terms of Reference for Vietnamese design consultants, including Design Criteria to be used on project (foundation pile design criteria also developed for all consultants), and technology transfer to local engineers and technicians.

Bridge Rehabilitation –Vietnam (1996)
Project engineer for rehabilitation of 36 bridges (small to medium spans) on National Highway No. 1 in Hanoi. Leading substructure design team as subconsultant for joint venture partner, Nippon Koei of Tokyo. Substructure design utilized 1.0m bored caisson piles extensively. Reviewed design of superstructure precast concrete I-girders. Duties included final design and contract documents.

Buckley Bay Railway Underpass, Vancouver Island, B.C. (1996)
Review Bridge engineer for proposed new underpass on E&N Railway, Mileage 126.15, Victoria Subdivision, to suit construction of new Vancouver Island Highway alignment. Proposed underpass is a 16m ballasted steel through-plate girder with sidewalk, founded on piled abutments with anchored sidewalls to accommodate the proposed roadway underneath the railway.

Alcan Tower Base Investigation, Kitimat, B.C. (1996)
Site investigation (remote access by helicopter) of avalanche-damaged base of hydroelectric tower. Duties included structural load review, estimate of load capacity remaining and preparation of remedial repairs to concrete foundation and anchor assemblies.

Lytton Bridge Replacement, Lytton, B.C. (1995)
Project Manager for proposed new four-span 220m bridge over Thompson River at intersection of the Fraser River. The new bridge replaces an existing structure built in 1913. The new two-lane structure will have a concrete deck on steel plate girders, with concrete abutments and high, slender piers.

Jacob Haldi Bridge, Fort Langley, B.C. (1993)
Project engineer for preliminary design and construction phases for new nine-span, 180m long continuous reinforced-concrete deck/precast I-girder bridge in Fort Langley for Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Revised quantity and location of steel pipe pile foundations, and also revised pile cap details to accommodate severe foundation constraints (soft soil) during construction.

Annacis Channel West Bridge, Richmond, B.C. (1994)
Project Manager for concrete-alternative approach bridge structures for Ministry of Transportation and Highways. The land access ramp is a five-span structure with adjacent two-span access ramp structure. Sensitive soft-soil conditions remodelled in dynamic analysis (SEISAB) bridge program.

Marshall Creek Bridge, Abbotsford, B.C. (1996)
Project Manager/Project Engineer for complete conceptual and detail design of replacement bridge on Hwy. 11, for developer Chard Retail Ltd., with liaison and co-ordination with Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Cost-effective box girder design enabled client to meet critical environmental requirements.

Savona Bridge, Kamloops, B.C. (1993)
Project Engineer for design of substructure and review of superstructure for new five-span steel plate girder/concrete deck bridge over the CNR on Highway No. 1. Complete review of shop drawings and shop inspection.

Thames Creek/Chef Creek Bridges, Nanaimo, B.C. (1994)
Preliminary design of two separate bridge structures on proposed Vancouver Island Highway route. Duties included preliminary design and cost estimates of several alternate schemes incorporated into Preliminary Design Report.

Richmond No. 2 Bridge, Richmond B. C. (1992)
Lead structural engineer and roadworks review engineer for conceptual design of new 4 lane, 540m long bridge over Middle Arm of Fraser River for the City of Richmond. Duties included evaluation review of superstructure alternatives, with recommended selection of post-tensioned segmental box girder superstructure, review of roadworks contract documents and liaison with Richmond Engineering staff.

Arthur Laing Bridge Seismic Retrofit Study, Richmond B.C. (1992)
Review of seismic analysis and proposed retrofit concepts; preparation of retrofit scheme cost estimate presented to YVR Airport Authority.

Arthur Laing Bridge Condition Survey (1991)
Project engineer for detailed condition survey of bridge including subconsultant co-ordination (survey and underwater inspection) and preparation of final report for YVR Airport Authority.

Broadway Bridge Replacement, Vancouver, B. C. (1991)
Project manager and lead structural engineer for the replacement of the existing Broadway Bridge over the Grandview Cut, for the City of Vancouver, designed to suit severe site constraints; future roadways and B. N. R. track relocation in the Cut; very tight site, bounded by commercial developments (existing and proposed) and a major intersection (Victoria Drive/Grandview Highway); and B. C. Transit operations. Work included conceptual design and report preparation, co-ordination of project team and subconsultants, specification preparation, tender review and construction management.

Automated Skyway Express, Jacksonville, Florida (1986 – 1988)
Trackwork design project engineer for people-mover project in downtown Jacksonville. Duties included all structural design, geometric design review, shop drawing review and approval and preparation of cost estimates and specifications.

Chicago Automated Guideway Transit, Chicago, Illinois (1988 – 1989)
Design of trackwork and preparation of specifications for 5 km people-mover rail project at O’Hare airport in Chicago.

Advanced Light Rapid Transit (Section E), Vancouver, B. C. (1983)
Design of 3.3 km section of A. L. R. T. System in Vancouver including computer mathematization of system alignment and computer analysis and design of special Grandview Cut Crossing Structure.

Skytrain Column Relocation, Vancouver, B. C. (1991)
Project engineer for proposed relocation of existing Skytrain column in Grandview Cut so as to provide clearance to future City of Vancouver roadway through the Cut; Existing crosshead beam is proposed to be encapsulated into a new post-tensioned beam with new end wall and end column support.

Carrall Street Landbridge, Vancouver, B. C. (1993)
Project manager for design and construction of 30 m single span post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete pedestrian bridge for Concord Pacific Development Ltd.

Tsawwassen Terminal-North Transfer Deck, Delta, B. C. (1991)
Conceptual and preliminary design of new elevated steel transfer deck for the B. C. Ferry Corporation at Tsawwassen. The transfer deck, designed to be easily removeable and to suit a very short construction schedule, consists of an orthotropic steel deck on steel portal frames. Portal columns are supported on expanded-base concrete pile foundations. Duties included leading design team, preparation of detail specifications and cost estimates, site inspection, shop inspection and client liaison.

Horseshoe Bay Terminal, Foot Passenger Facilities, West Vancouver, B. C. (1993)
Project engineer for structural concept and design of new pedestrian overhead walkway facilities in heavily-congested ferry terminal. Severe site constraints and short construction time frame necessitated a cost-effective, easily constructible scheme of structural steel trusses and plate girders, using existing structures for support.

Deas Slough Deck Rehabilitation, Richmond, B. C. (1989 – 1990)
Design engineer for the proposed complete deck replacement of existing 3-span continuous steel girder, dual roadway bridge for M. O. T. H. on Highway 99. Traffic considerations necessitated the need for night-time construction with precast concrete segments grouted in place and longitudinally post-tensioned.

Deas Slough Bearing Replacement, Delta, B. C. (1989)
Design engineer for the replacement of existing steel rocker bearings with lead core seismic isolation bearings; site inspection for critical diaphragm jacking at night with live load restricted.

Olson Overhead, Fernie, B. C. (1991)
Project engineer for the design of a 3 span continuous concrete box-stringer bridge for M. O. T. H. on Crowsnest Highway No. 3, including abutments and piers on spread footings; coordination and liaison with Bridge Branch and Regional officials.

Cayoosh Creek Bridge/Lower Joffre Creek Bridge, Pemberton, B. C. (1989)
Project engineer for the design of new 28m single-span prestressed concrete I-girder bridges on Duffey Lake Road. Duties included evaluation of alternatives, design and preparation of specifications, quantities and cost estimates.

McInnes Street Overpass, New Westminster, B. C. (1982)
Design of reinforced concrete bridge over Columbia St. in New Westminster. Assisted in foundation, pier, box strings and expansion joint design.

Bridge Replacement in Volusia County, Florida (1988)
Bridge design engineer for replacement of eight bridges over SR5 in Volusia County. Duties included structural design, shop drawing review and approval and preparation of cost estimates and specifications.


Oak Street Bridge Deck Rehabilitation, Vancouver, B.C. (1995)
Project manager for the rehabilitation of the 2 km Oak Street Bridge, including repair of concrete deck, waterproof membrane, replacement of deck joints, addition of curb parapets, design of new sidewalk panels, and repair of cast-in-place concrete girders deficient in shear, and preparation of contract documents which included bonus/penalty incentive clauses.

McGill Street Overpass/Commissioner St. Extension, Vancouver (1993 – 1994)
Project engineer for proposed new overpass over CPR and roadway extension for Vancouver Port Corporation. Lead bridge engineer, roadworks review engineer and project management /client liaison duties.

Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal-North Transfer Deck, Delta, B. C. (1991)
Project manager for design and construction of new elevated orthotropic-steel transfer deck ($2.0M capital cost) at Tsawwassen Terminal for B. C. Ferry Corporation. Duties included leading design team, tender evaluation, contract administration, sub-consultant co-ordination and client liaison.

South Coast Region Bridge Management, Burnaby B. C. (1990)
Regional Bridge Design and Construction Engineer for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Responsible for providing bridge services for all new capital projects and rehabilitation projects over $1 million. Duties included management of bridge project supervisors, consultant liasion, contract administration and technical review for the Region.

Patullo Bridge Rehabilitation , New Westminster, B. C. (1989 – 1990)
Project manager for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways responsible for ongoing rehabilitation projects on the Pattullo Bridge over the Fraser River, including seismic retrofit of bearings and replacement of deck joints and lateral bracing. Work included review and coordination of consultant design and specifications and contract administration.

Cambie Road/Knight Street Underpass, Richmond, B. C. (1990)
Project manager for M. O. T. H. during construction of 38m single span prestressed box girder bridge on pile abutments (with soil densification) over Knight Street to replace existing level crossing. Work included contract administration, liaison with contractor and resident engineer, and M. O. T. H. design disciplines.


Expo ’86 Foreshore Structure, Vancouver, B. C. (1985 – 1986)
Design of foreshore structure for Expo ’86 to support pavilion and truck loading, including timber piles (severe soil conditions), pile load-testing, piers and concrete box stringers.

Expo ’86 Structures, Vancouver, B. C. (1985)
Project engineer for design of special 13m radius, triangular-truss steel hoop structures for Expo ’86 Corporation, preparation of specifications, shop inspection and site inspection.

Canada Harbour Place, Vancouver, B. C. (1984)
Structural design of cable-supported fabric roof for Expo ’86 Canadian pavilion and present Vancouver Convention Centre (cables, anchorages and Weldment design.)

Canada Place Cruiseship Gangway, Vancouver, B. C. (1989)
Project engineer for redesign of cruiseship walkway/gangway structure (steel truss) at Canada Harbour Place cruiseship facility in Vancouver to replace a previous structure.

Waterfront Floating Breakwater, Portland, Oregon (1984)
Detailed flotation design for reinforced concrete hollow-core breakwater at Portland for Bellingham Marine Industries.

Citrus Bowl Stadium Expansion, Orlando, Florida (1988)
Structural design review of upper-deck expansion of 60,000 seat Citrus Bowl Stadium in Florida, using precast concrete columns, girder and seating units (with longitudinal post-tensioning) on new spread footings.

Swine-Rearing Facility, Abbotsford, B. C. (1993)
Detailed structural design of proposed 20,000 sq. m. hog-rearing structure for Taiwanese client in the Fraser Valley. Timber frame structure with precast and cast-in-place concrete substructure. Roof structure consists of over 1000 prefabricated timber mono-trusses.

Concord Pacific Seawall Structures, Vancouver, B.C. (1993)
Project Engineer detail design and design review of piled deck/retained-earth structures for Concord Pacific Developments Ltd., in downtown Vancouver.

Barge-Loading Facility, Port Alice, B.C. (1993)
Project engineer for condition survey, analysis and retrofit for existing steel space-truss barge loading structure for Imasco Minerals.

Alcan Conveyor Galleries, Kitimat, B.C. (1993)
Design engineer for design of new conveyor galleries (2 steel box trusses 75m long) for Alcan in Kitimat. Duties included complete design, retrofit of existing penthouses and design capacity review of existing structures. Design scheme was selected for cost effectiveness and ease of construction to suit critical project shutdown schedule.

Eburne Sawmill Inspection, Vancouver, B.C. (1989)
Detailed structural inspection of timber-frame sawmill structure built in early 1900’s. Duties included site inspection, review of all available structure information, structure evaluation, and final report to client.