Special Structures

Peak Engineering Ltd. does complete structural engineering design and field review for structures.

Structural Engineering Design, field inspection and contract administration are some of the other office services.

Brian Lytton, (P.Eng.) is registered in the provinces of B.C. and Alberta.

He is also a registered professional engineer (P.E.) in the state of Washington, U.S.A.



Structural Engineering design of sign structures for several sign companies

Sign structure engineering design and inspection review is included for:


  • pylon signs
  • awnings
  • fascia
  • hanging signs
  • projecting signs

Bridge Structures

Brian Lytton, P.Eng. has 30 years of structural engineering experience working with bridge structures for various companies. Please see his resume’ for his experience. Currently, he can do structural engineering design review for bridge/culvert requirements for residential or commercial properties. Also, he provides structural engineering consulting design and review services for larger bridge projects for other engineering firms.

His most challenging bridge experience



In 1995, Brian Lytton worked for Klohn-Crippen in Hanoi Vietnam to work with Vietnamese engineers in the design of 36 bridges along Highway No 1 A.

On a joint venture engineering team, in addition to responsibility for bridge design supervision and construction planning, he was also responsible for technology transfer for the local Vietnamese engineers and technicians, who were unfamiliar with the International design standards and the preparation of drawings and specifications assistance for international tendering. Complicating the process was the tight deadline of the project. The Client required that all 36 new bridges be ready for construction tendering (with all prequalified international construction joint ventures) in only nine months time.


Transit and Marine Structures

See Brian Lytton’s resume‘ for past experience working for Transportation and Marine facilities.